About Hannay Electric

Hannay Electric is owned and operated by Veteran Bill Hannay, a Master Electrician in Elk River, Minnesota (and electrical contractor), that exclusively specializes in residential, commercial and light industrial wiring.

We have been helping customers with electrical needs in the north metro area for over 35+ years. Being a family owned and operated company with highly skilled electricians, we have the resources to meet your needs whether it is a small project or a time intensive demanding one. We ALWAYS guarantee that we will get the job done right the first time around.

We know that sometimes life happens and so we offer emergency electrical service 24/7 because no one plans an emergency and we want to be sure you are protected in every way possible. Hannay Electric is licensed, bonded, and insured so you never have to worry.

We also received  Thumbtack Best of 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018  award. Our specialty is trouble shooting and repairs so be sure to give us a call whenever you may need us!

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Bill Hannay, Master Electrician in Elk River, Minnesota

Bill Hannay, Master Electrician in Elk River

As a young man, I was introduced to the idea of joining the Navy from 3 generations of Navy servicemen. Being proud of my country and possessing a strong ethical background, I knew this was a part of who I was!

This path began when I became an Eagle Scout (2nd generation). I carried this tradition and raised two young Eagle Scouts who I can proudly call my sons!
I proudly served my country for six years. Thereafter, I worked for local electrical companies. It was during that time, that I realized that I could never give my own personal service while working for others. In 1998, I realized my dream and started Hannay Electric, LLC.

I have built my business on the motto:
“Serve your customers proudly and serve how you would like to be served.”

I also follow the Boy Scout motto: “Be prepared" as well as their slogan " Do a good turn daily”. I apply each of these to my business each and every day!

Safety is my highest priority. I am passionate about safety and promote regular maintenance to my customers – keeping their home and family safe. You will never have to worry when working with our company!

My Scottish heritage is also very important to me. In the 1400’s, the Scottish Family Clan was gathered and created the motto: “Through difficulties to the heights.” What this means is: No matter what we go through, we always come out on top! During the ups and downs of my business and slower recession times, I have always believed in my faith and the strength of my family clan motto – We will persevere and come back on top! We know that we can provide you with excellent service and a very dedicated team!