Dedicated Navy Veteran Guarantees Safe Electrical Expertise for the Home.

In January this year, my wife and I purchased a new townhome in Ramsey (new to us but =?-15 years old). As one involved in the arts, I called on Navy veteran Bill Hannay to advise me on how best to convert the little space I had in my utility area into a fully operational home studio.
I was impressed that Bill managed to visit and consult with me within 3 days of my call where other electricians could not make it until one week to 10 days later. Bill was precise in what needed to be done and quoted me a reasonable price for extending a line of electricity from the utility room to the new home studio, plus the cost of adding 4 extra switch socket outlets to cater for my audio and video recording equipment.
He even went the extra mile by checking and advising on the safety and warning signals for the rest of the wiring and electrics in the home, for which I was only too pleased to add to the studio work.
Within 10 days, he was back with his son and partner Joe, complete with tall ladders for easier access to my vaulted ceilings. They worked on the studio and were done within 4 hours before proceeding with the rest of the home. Bill and his son are serious and diligent workers. How many other electricians out there would even advise on the requirements regarding residential fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide and smoke warning codes and regulations?
My wife and I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Bill and Joe for their wonderful professionalism and sincerity in the way they rerouted wires in my studio and completed the additional electricals in the rest of the home. The discipline of a Navy veteran was obvious from the demeanor Bill showed before, during, and after he started working on the job. We sincerely appreciated his first-class work and are happy to present our 5***** stars and 110% recommendation to Bill Hannay for the excellent work done. We will not hesitate to recommend Hannay Electric to whomsoever might require electrical repairs, additions, or renovations for the home or business.