Excellent Diagnostics

Losing power in “Half” of house was very puzzling. We troubleshooted everything we could think of and started calling electrician companies (keep your phone books…our interest went down). We tried calling numerous Electricians (off hours) none would help or just wouldn’t answer. Then we came across Hannay Electric. Wow Bill Hannay was so helpful! What a difference in customer service. Late on Sat. he asked a lot of questions to get an idea of what was happening in our home (all over the phone). He said it is most likely street side issue. Came down to being electric company’s issue Connexus (street side). We called them and they came out to fix it late that night and ended up being a whole neighborhood issue with gophers (not the MN Golden kind…LOL). Gave us a small transformed until Electric company could come out to the neighborhood to redo the whole neighborhood. We will keep Hannay Electric on our radar forever. Thank so much Bill for your excellent diagnostic skills and experience.