Going above and beyond Service and customer care

I was looking for a electrician on emergency availability because I had half the house with electricity and no air conditioning. I called Hannay Electric and left a message explaining above situation and I was trying for the 3rd time of getting a correct breaker. I was at Home Depot at 9PM at night and Bill called me within 20 minutes of leaving him a message. He talked me through about getting the correct breaker and I said bill me for your time. Bill said no Kevin I want you to go home put the breaker in and call me so I know if it took care of the problem. So I got home put the breaker in and it only fixed part of the electric so I called Bill. I said it only fixed part of the lights and outlets and my daughters lift chair still doesn’t work( She has MS), plus no air conditioning. Bill said he would be out the next morning at 8. Arrived at 8:10, found a 2nd breaker that was bad but had not tripped. Replaced both breakers with upgraded breakers lights and all outlets worked. Then he went to work on the furnace the circuit board was fried called Thelen mechanical and they came out replaced board and everything worked. Bill was there a little after 8 and was done by 9. Outstanding individual very professional and doesn’t gouge the customer. He will be my electrician go to person for life. Plus he said if you need anything done I work with a lot of people who can help you with anything you would need in the future. Thanks Bill