Hannay Electric is the 5-Star Electric Company of Minnesota!

I have to give an easy ★★★★★ for this master electrician. When I brought an odd little project to his attention, I expected an eye-roll or three. Instead, he took every little detail quite seriously, and had some very insightful suggestions that were obviously backed by years of experience.

Every time he entered the home, he left it better than it was before he got there. Even on the first visit for the estimate, no work done, he noticed it was garbage day and took it upon himself to bring the cans down to the curb without saying a word- But we saw!

Bill and his team were always punctual, very respectful, tasteful, and experienced, and are the exact people you’d want on your most important project. I’d easily rate William Hannay as a 5-Star Master Electrician, and that Hannay Electric is definitely the 5-Star Electric Company of Elk River, Minnesota.

★★★★★ 5-Stars and they deserve every single one!