William helped fix my electrical issue for free

Home depot techs were building a shed for me and ran their nail gun compressor from my outside electrical outlet. Then something went wrong and all outside outlets died and had no power. I jumped on Youtube looking for troubleshooting tips. Reset the switch panel, then checked GFI switches in the garage and all were fine. and still no power on the outlets and I was stumped. So I went to Ramsey facebook page and requested them to recommend an electrician. 10 people responded and 6 of them recommended William Hannay. So I called him and left a voicemail. He texted back and asked what the issue was. I told him and he asked what year my house was built. It was 1994. So he told me that building code then said that outside outlets are controlled by bathroom GFI outlets. Sure enough, I checked it and it had tripped. Set it back again and the power came back to outside outlets. Thank you so much William. Now my Christmas lights are back up. And all for free. Now I know whom to call for my future electrical needs.